Your pupils drift into the corners of your eyes

Casting a line into mine,

But from an angle–skewed.

So I can admire your jaw

And the smooth firm flesh

Where your neck and shoulder meet.

I can smell the saline and ash

Seeping into your collar.

The sliver of chest you’re flashing

Is a shore of glistening sand

Begging me to crash into it.


Our gaze is linked by a thick

And heavy rope,

Tethering a boat on the dock.

My eyelids flutter now and then

As they strain from the weight.

My eyes moisten

And you assume that they twinkle

For you.


My face is a veil of iron–

Lips still,

Expressions paralyzed

Our thoughts traverse

Only the bridge that links our eyes.


Eyelids close

Then open again.



You shift on your seat

And the momentum sends you standing

Then drawing the bridge with your footsteps.

As our spaces intersect,

The bridge is drawn

And the gaze is lost.


The back of your hand

Brushes my skin as you walk past.

Your tiny hairs are grapnels

That snatch my flesh

Beckoning me to sail to another sea



Motionless, I anticipate you backstepping

Turn to me,

Throw a line,

Let me feel you

Fear my certain rejection.


But your pride gave you wind

To just move on,

I keep my sight from wandering after you.


Out of sight,

Out of mind.