Don Sebastian dlC. Cifra, or Doni, is a full-time lover. He loves art, literature, his profession and anything and anyone that will love him back.

Born in August 9, 1983, he is the epitome of a conflicted Leo. He was born under a fire sign in the Chinese year of the Water Boar. He pretends to be into astrology when it is convenient.

The simplest way to be on Doni’s good side is to offer him food. His favorite is Sinigang, which is meat (or fish or seafood) in tamarind broth. At any time, he is able to eat twice his weight in food.

Currently, Doni works as a Human Resources professional for one of the BPO companies in Manila. He is obsessed with work, and will skip meals for it. He is also known for working ridiculous hours overtime, a vice he is about to change.

Doni has a degree in BA Psychology, which contributes little to his insight and much to his psychoses. He had just resolved his quarter-life crisis and is in the middle of a conflict Erik Erikson calls Intimacy vs. Isolation.

His philosophy includes the following tenets:

  • Whatever makes you happy.
  • To each his own.
  • Don’t do anything you’ll regret and don’t regret anything you’ll do.
  • Let’s define our terms before arguing.
  • “Fine” doesn’t mean you won, moron. I just want you to shut up.

Doni’s ultimate dream is to become a TV personality. He considers his present career goals as stepping stones towards that dream.

If you haven’t guessed yet, Doni is gay. He is out to everybody, but his mother still thinks that it’s just a phase. If you see her, don’t bother contradicting, Doni has tried and has given up.

Being gay is less than 10% of Doni’s personality, believe it or not. He is also a philantropist, a genius, an innovator, a bohemian, an old soul and a hopeless romantic.

Although Doni possesses disarmingly good looks and though his appeal and charm surpasses that of any matinee idol, he remains humble and instead focuses on his many advocacies including: the alleviation of poverty, the liberation from ignorance, the hope of world peace and the pursuit of true love.