Whether the path
Paved and light?
Whether the status quo
With dimmed delight?
Whether the bed
That is warm
But vacant?

To walk,
Where jagged craggs abound?
To be,
Where certainty can’t be found?
To sleep,
Upon a rock
Laid with chance?

The stage is set
Miss Havisham,
The heart has flamed
And dimmed the forge
That blackened my face.

A seed of ambition-
A better than-
My mind was tamed
And so engorged
With want that won’t erase.

Between the difference
Of need and want;
Between the height of ambition
And being arrogant;
Between the distance
Of a dream
From covetousness.

The vanity in possession.
The baseless assumption.
To what is deserved
From wanton excess.

The chain’s been filed
Mr. Marshman,
The mind has cleared
And lit the fire
That led my way.

A tree of hope-
A could become-
The heart that feared
Began to aspire
A better day.

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