The notes creep like vines
Of smoke out of my mouth.
They prepare to swell and
Thin out until they explode
Into a haze of song.
The deafening end to a lifetime
Of muteness.

The song is sweet
And the words are chosen
For rhyme and beauty.
A song that conceals
An agony that blinds
Like the sunlight
That coats my feathers.

It brings to every listening eye

A solitary tear.

A glistening pendant
That hangs upon the chain

Of inevitability.

The melody rises
And springs as the summer
Falls into the welcome winter.

And the rapture of its refrain
Makes my heart dissolve
Into my soul
Until my being pulsates
Into a steadily slowing beat.

And with the falling
Of the blood-colored leaf
The epilogue begins to fade.
And the lines that repeat
At the chord in the end

Disappear from the air

To ricochet in your head.

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