I want to make a necklace
Of the dainty little drops

Of blood
That rest on the hairs
Of my arms like the morning dew-

A gift from your carotid,
Sprayed as you choke
On a muffled plea.

The skin on your neck is like
That melts in the heat
Of the rage in my knife.

I liberate the life out of you.

I want you to look me in the eye,
As your vision fades,
As your world funnels into a tunnel.

I want to make you a memory.

You kept complaining
That I never took you places,

I wish that you’d enjoy this trip.

I see your love
Glisten down your throat
To the pool of your clavicle
To the river between your breasts.

You’ve never held on to me
As tightly as you do now.

Like you can’t live without me,
Like you can’t live

Any longer.

I can’t understand what you’re saying
Between gasps and gags.

It doesn’t matter now,

I forgive you.

I can feel your weight upon me

Falling for me again

At last.