“Do you know what that is?”
He points to the speck in the sky
Closest to the moon.
“Venus”– a guess.
He nods as if he’s pleased with me.
“And can you tell what that is?”
He points to another speck,
And rubs my shoulder.
I sit perfectly still.
“I don’t know, some star?”
I felt the burden of the gentle kiss
He planted on my crown, “Saturn.”
“You know how you can tell planets from stars?”
“Stars twinkle.”
He puts his hand over my left eye.
“Do you see how the rays of that star go long?
That’s how they twinkle.”
His fingertips go long on my face,
On my arm,
As he saunters to the seat beside me.
It burns like the rays of a twinkling star.
I do not twinkle.
I draw an invisible line between us.
“Do not cross this.”
“You know what I like about us…”
He crossed.
“…is that we’re fucking easy.
Wanna fuck? It’s easy.”
He crossed.
“Don’t do this.”
“It’s very rare to find someone to fucking argue with.
“There will be no more fucking here.
Or anywhere in the future.”
His eyes search mine like a hunter.
He crossed.
He grabbed me from my seat and hoisted me by the arms.
He crossed
His arms around my neck.
I felt the breaths go long
Like the fucking twinkling of the stars.
“Don’t do this.”
I do not twinkle.
He crossed.
My vision was blurring.
The rays go long.