flash it

flash it

I’m at work again.

But I’m not complaining. Not while looking at the fading “White Avenue” stamped on my right wrist.

It’s great to finally get into a dance club after such a long time. I forgot how much I missed dancing with Myk and Anna or really, any girl that has enough energy. Last night we went to Tomas Morato for a much needed holiday celebration. (Yep, I was  working through Christmas– and will be through New Year’s)

I was apprehensive about going to that particular club actually because of all the pomposity I’ve been hearing about people that go there. (Refer to my entry on “poseurs”) I even considered shopping for an outfit. Thankfully, nothing struck me as a particular “must have”. I ended up wearing a black shirt and jeans.

I met my friends at Trinoma. We were supposed to meet at 9pm and I got there around 10. And between all my friends making their faces and getting psyched for some bad ass partying, we got to the club at around 12:30.

A lot of drinking happened. A lot of checking out. I checked out boys, they checked me out. I checked out girls, they checked me out. And Myk, my bestfriend and dance partner set the whole place on fire. We were screaming the dance lyrics at the top of our lungs and shaking every jiggly clump of lard in our bodies. And around us, the over-dressed trophy girls were staring. The gold-digging, skanky girls were trying to compete. The peach-fuzz boys were going after the skanky girls. And the frat boys… well, they were drinking. And after a lot of bumping, grinding and groping we all decided to grab a bite and end the night.

We all left at 6am and I felt like my entire body had an orgasm.

I woke up at 2pm this afternoon all sore. There are muscles on the side of my asscheeks that were re-introduced to me. Even the little crooks on my back made their presence felt.

As for the place itself, there was a severe lack of dance floor. The lighting needs to be sorted out near the dj’s booth. The drinks were watered down. And the waiters… some of them were really rude. They kept bumping us whenever they had to get somewhere and never even apoligize. There was this waiter who literally drove us out of a table that was apparently reserved. My friend says that one waiter grabbed her ass when she didn’t realize she was in his way. And that takes a lot off a place like that. Some establishments take their service for granted because of the volume of people that go there.

Last night was dubbed “The best Night of December” over a shot of tequila. And it really was. can’t wait to do it again.